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Welcome to my blog where insights into climate action and environmental stewardship are shared.

Why I Write for Forbes: Advocating for Meaningful Climate Action
My commitment to fostering meaningful change in climate policy and action led me to contribute to I wanted to bring the voices of advocates and frontline communities to a platform where...
The Imperative of a Just Energy Transition: Towards Equitable and Sustainable Futures
A Just Energy Transition marks a pivotal paradigm shift, transcending mere alterations in energy sources to embrace a holistic approach rooted in fairness, equity, and inclusion. At its core, it...
Navigating the Path to Success: Why Environmental and Climate Justice Consulting is Key for Startups
In an era where environmental consciousness is no longer a choice but a necessity, startups and new organizations face the unique challenge of aligning their mission with sustainable practices. Enter...
Empowering Communities for Climate Resilience: The Bonne Terre Consulting Approach
In a world facing escalating climate challenges, Bonne Terre Consulting stands at the forefront, championing climate resilience and environmental justice. My mission is to empower communities...
Unlocking Change: Embracing Slow Fashion in ‘Slow Stitch, Conscious Choice
In a world perpetually in motion, fashion often reflects more than just style—it echoes values, ethics, and a deeper connection to our planet. Join me in a discussion that cuts to the fashion...
Unveiling The Undivide Project: Uplifting Voices for Change
The genesis of The Undivide Project is rooted in a profound desire for representation and justice. As a passionate advocate for climate and social justice, I recognized the significant disparity in...