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Unlocking Change: Embracing Slow Fashion in ‘Slow Stitch, Conscious Choice

In a world perpetually in motion, fashion often reflects more than just style—it echoes values, ethics, and a deeper connection to our planet. Join me in a discussion that cuts to the fashion industry’s heart in my upcoming book, “Slow Stitch, Conscious Choice.”

This compelling narrative, born from engaging dialogues with 22 leaders within the fashion landscape, unravels the dichotomy between ‘fast fashion’ and the transformative potential of ‘slow fashion.’ Professor Sanders, a passionate advocate for climate and social justice, unveils the hidden perils of fast fashion, emphasizing its link to environmental degradation and social inequity.

I share some of my own story, leaning into my own history, especially my upbringing in the vibrant cultural tapestry of New Orleans and the catalytic events, notably Hurricane Katrina, that propelled me into activism. My and my colleagues’ anecdotes are meant to reveal the urgency to reconsider our fashion choices, urging a paradigm shift towards sustainable, ethical, and enduring clothing options.

“Slow Stitch, Conscious Choice” transcends mere fashion discourse—it’s a call to action. My goal for this book is to champion a conscientious approach, advocating for collaborations across industries and challenging professionals to rethink their impact. Each page echoes the resonance of care—care for our environment, for marginalized communities, and for one another.

Set to launch on Amazon Kindle Direct on February 5th, this book isn’t just a narrative—it’s a movement. Your purchase isn’t just a transaction—it’s a contribution to a better, more sustainable world. All proceeds from the book will be dedicated to charity, amplifying the impact of your choice.

Embrace change. Join the movement. Sign on here and buy “Slow Stitch, Conscious Choice” on February 5th. Follow me on Flipboard , Twitter or LinkedIn

  1. 20 January 2024 - Reply

    I can’t wait for the book launch 🚀. Good job to all the authors!