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Unveiling The Undivide Project: Uplifting Voices for Change

The genesis of The Undivide Project is rooted in a profound desire for representation and justice. As a passionate advocate for climate and social justice, I recognized the significant disparity in the narrative – the absence of BIPOC women’s voices, especially those leading the charge on the frontlines. That realization became the impetus for building an organization dedicated to correcting this imbalance.

The heart of our mission lies in addressing the intersectionality of the digital divide and climate injustice, particularly in BIPOC communities. Recognizing the immense power of storytelling, I envisioned a platform that could amplify the often-overlooked voices of these resilient communities. Thus, The Undivide Project was born, aiming to redefine the narrative by centering these voices as educators and advocates for change.

The Undivide Project Podcast: Changemakers Edition emerged as a pivotal component of this vision. It was conceived not merely as a series of episodes but as a catalyst for transformation. Through this podcast, we sought to spotlight the inspiring journeys, challenges, and innovative solutions of those shaping a more equitable and sustainable future.

This endeavor wasn’t just about providing a platform; it was a deliberate effort to challenge the dominant narratives perpetuated by larger entities. While intergovernmental organizations and corporations often dictated these conversations, we aimed to uplift the voices of communities, everyday heroes, and businesses for good, aligning with our core value: unapologetically uplifting the voices of the underserved.

In our next season, we are continuing the same work, but focusing on women who labor for people, public and planet. We will continue to have important conversations at the intersections, this time intentionally surfacing the experiences of BIPOC women. Join us on this transformative journey and witness the power of amplifying BIPOC women’s voices for a brighter tomorrow.

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