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Why I Write for Forbes: Advocating for Meaningful Climate Action

My commitment to fostering meaningful change in climate policy and action led me to contribute to I wanted to bring the voices of advocates and frontline communities to a platform where critical conversations on global issues like climate change find resonance – especially with the business community.

For years, pivotal climate talks like the recent United Nations summit in Dubai have been marked by grand promises and commitments to address the climate crisis. However, behind the applause and lofty commitments lies a persistent reality—critical voices are often sidelined in the decision-making process.

The articles I craft for Forbes aim to shed light on the nuances and complexities of these high-profile gatherings. They dissect the gaps between rhetoric and tangible action, emphasizing the need for substantive, enforceable measures in climate policy. My focus lies in unraveling the narratives of unmet promises from past climate summits like the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, exposing the implementation gaps that challenge their efficacy.

The paradox of voluntary commitments, noble in intent yet lacking enforceability, forms a core theme in my discussions. I highlight the implications of unmet financial pledges and the adverse impact of funds arriving as loans rather than direct aid, exacerbating the already pressing debt crisis in developing nations.

Moreover, my articles spotlight the power dynamics at play within these meetings. I emphasize the exclusion of critical voices, particularly from vulnerable nations, underlining the imbalance in decision-making. These exclusions raise concerns about the legitimacy of outcomes when those most affected are denied a seat at the table. 

For more in-depth insights into these critical discussions and a comprehensive analysis of climate policies and their real-world impact, I invite you to follow my contributions on Together, let’s delve deeper into the complexities of climate negotiations and advocate for substantive action toward a more sustainable future.

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